A Key Ingredient to Your Successful Business

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Starting and running your own business is exhilarating and liberating. But that liberating feeling can quickly disappear with the daunting list of tasks required to build and grow a successful business. Tasks like naming the business, creating a logo, writing the business plan and detailed marketing strategy draw heavily on your creative and fun side. But it is the implementation of key pieces like the management of staff, and the controlling of finances that will ultimately determine the success of your business.

At Freestone Associates, we have learned from our deep experience that bookkeeping really can make or break a business. In support of small businesses, we offer our insights to assist you on your journey to success.     

Ensure organized bookkeeping: Good bookkeeping takes the stress off the business owner by ensuring that CRA deadlines and responsibilities are pro-actively met to avoid wasteful penalties and interest. But great bookkeeping goes beyond that to provide timely and reliable information that empowers the business owner.

Hire a professional: Professionals have the experience and education to get the bookkeeping done quickly, accurately, and thoroughly while avoiding costly pitfalls. Hiring the right professional bookkeeper is like hiring the right tax accountant, the savings far outweigh the costs.

Be communicative with your bookkeeper: Ensure your bookkeeper has steady access to all the business transactions and understands your business so the reports are thorough, reliable, and meaningful. Expect and anticipate routine reporting to empower your decision-making.

Talk to experts: It is impossible for entrepreneurs to know everything about running their new venture. Seeking out others who have made the journey can help set you up for success. Talk to experienced business owners or an accountant and get a referral to a great bookkeeper.

For great bookkeeping services in Toronto, Ontario, reach out to us at Freestone Associates. We have over thirty years of multi-industry experience, pragmatic business sense, keen attention to detail, and a drive to provide timely and reliable bookkeeping services. We customize the bookkeeping system to yield the most useful managerial reports, then provide training and ongoing oversight to ensure best practices are implemented. We provide our services to clients in the Greater Toronto Area from our offices in South Etobicoke.

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