How Freestone Associates Helped a Client Who Was Headed for Bankruptcy

Author: Kim Freestone | | Categories: Accounting , Bookkeeper , Management Accounting

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At Freestone Associates, we are reliable bookkeepers committed to rendering accurate services to our clients. Our founder Kim Freestone has over thirty years of accounting experience which ensures we minimize taxes and add value. We are also consistent and responsive in our approach, enabling us to be proactive and take on unexpected challenges for our clients.

Please keep reading to learn about how we helped a client headed for bankruptcy. 

The Challenge: Money got wasted on paying merchant fees 

The client wasted thousands on merchant fees, penalties, and interest with the CRA and various vendors. He got so stressed that it seriously impacted his health. 

The Solution: Got the bank and credit card accounts fully reconciled 

The strategy was to get all of the bank and credit card accounts fully reconciled and up-to-date as quickly as possible. Our aim was to also negotiate payment plans with the CRA and communicate with merchants and various vendors. As we conducted the great clean-up we first chased the lowest hanging fruit, which lifted our clients’ spirits.

As we organized the paperwork, we discovered more and more issues to resolve. At times it felt overwhelming, but we persevered as the little wins kept us chasing the big wins.

The Bottom Line

It took us about three months of committing one to two days per week to tackle the issue while maintaining current requirements. It stopped the unnecessary hemorrhaging of cash. Every year after that, we improved the system’s efficiency, which significantly turned it around for our client. If you’re facing a similar issue and need assistance, give us a call today.

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